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Friendly, Family Owned Business

My husband and I bought a spa from AJ’s a few months ago. We were treated with great respect and courtesy. We went back and forth between a few different tubs numerous times and the staff never seemed frustrated or pressured us into buying something. We felt completely at ease. Upon delivery, the men were friendly and nice and answered any questions we had for them with no hesitation whatsoever. Since getting our spa delivered, being first-time spa owners, we’ve had tons of questions about chemicals and running our spa. Every time we call the office, we are treated professionally and politely by the women in the office. They always seem eager to help us, regardless of how silly our questions may be. We love that the business is family-owned and that almost everyone we deal with is related to each other. We had our salesman, Greg, and his son and son-in-law deliver our spa, and we deal with his sister and daughter in the office on a regular basis. It’s comforting to know that we know who we are speaking to. I have done nothing but RAVE about AJ’s to all of our friends in hopes that they, too, will go into to store and have as great an experience as we have!  


Just a soak, never a soaking…  

A fairly new customer by my standards (less than a dozen years) I came to AJ Spas because I needed reliable servicing on my older hot tub. Needless to say, the service provided was exemplary, and I have gone on to purchase another two hot tub/spas from them and have them serviced as well. Everyone from sales to service is helpful, smart, and friendly…and I couldn’t be more pleased…they know their manufacturers, they understand the models, and they try real hard to facilitate a good fit.  
They can get busy with opening and closing systems, so try to plan ahead if you close your spa down. Otherwise, happy soaking!  

Loyal Customer!!

I have been a customer of AJ Spas for over 10 years. I purchased my spa from them, NEVER have i had an issue with their customer service. Relatives and friends have also purchased several spas from AJ Spas on my recommendation that they are a reputable and trustworthy company. From our time of purchased to present, they have always treated my family and I as VIP’s. We have had service done and we have had to wait a day or two for parts but was always treated with respect.  
AJ Spa the Hot tub and Spa distributors serving the Shirley, Brookhaven, East Hampton, West Hampton, South Hampton, Davis Park, Patchogue, Montauk, Bellport, and most of the Long Island to New York areas!


An Old Customer, New Again

We bought our first spa from AJ 18 years ago, and when it died we were pleased to find out they were still in business… from our first shopping experience until delivery we we totally satisfied with their professional and friendly service.  
The installation crew was quite friendly and explained all the new functions and products we needed with our new spa, thanx guys…. 


Very satisfied customer

I bought a spa a couple of years ago, and it’s beautiful and we love it. AJ Spa has been wonderful with service-they come promptly when we’ve had to call (just for a jet that needed to be replaced and routine maintenance) and the staff is a pleasure to deal with. When purchasing a spa, we wanted not just a good value for the spa, but a service department that was honest and reliable. AJ Spa fits the bill!  


Great Service

Hi, I have been a customer of AJ Spa for over 12 years, They are a reliable company with great service and knowledgeable people


Great family-owned business! 


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